ARB/ARC Committee

The Architectural Review Board/Alterations Review Committee is an administrative committee that reviews and approves any new construction or improvements on residential lots. This committee meets twice monthly. All forms are available here on our website and must be turned into the administrative office. Pre-approved roofing types and paint colors do not have to go to the ARB/ARC meetings for approval, but the form must still be turned in prior to work.

Deadline       Meeting Date
September 1st    September 9th
September 15th    September 23rd
October 6th    October 14th
October 20th    October 28th
November 3rd    November 11th
November 17th    November 25th
December 1stt    December 9th
December 15th    December 23rd

The Appeals Committee is an administrative committee that conducts hearings for LPOA members who wish to appeal a citation for violation of LPOA Rules and Regulations or ARB/ARC Guidelines. This committee meets as needed.

Administrative Office: 816.373.4326
Community Services: 816.373.1500

Monday - Friday 8:30am to 5pm
Available 24/7